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The Student Conduct Resource Team (SCRT)
What is SCRT?

The Student Conduct Resource Team (SCRT) is a student-led initiative for members of the Villanova undergraduate community that provides support and education to students regarding the University student conduct process. With oversight from the Dean of Students Office, SCRT is managed by members of the Student Government Association’s Judicial Branch. SCRT prioritizes the support and well-being of the Villanova student body. We exist to ensure that students feel confident in their understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the Villanova community.

Make an Appointment with SCRT  Here 

Here are some things to know about your meeting with SCRT:

-   SCRT is available to assist students before and after a conduct meeting with the Dean of Students Office but is not authorized to serve in an advisory role nor attend such meetings alongside the student.


-       A student’s disciplinary file is confidential; therefore, the Dean of Students Office does not provide SCRT with information about a student’s alleged conduct violation. Specific information disclosed to SCRT about an alleged conduct violation may be at the discretion of the student during a meeting with SCRT members.


-       SCRT will treat shared information with privacy and sensitivity.  SCRT members will not reveal identities or personal information to anyone regarding a student’s conduct, and are not mandatory reporters. SCRT prioritizes the health and well-being of the Villanova student body, and is committed to providing students with the appropriate education and support necessary on an individual level.

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