Legislative Branch


Mission and Social Justice Committee

Chair Derek Lattmann, Health Promotions Senator

The Mission and Social Justice Committee shall seek to fulfill Villanova's values of Unitas, Caritas, and Veritas and will work with all aspects of campus life to discuss and carry out the goals of Villnaova's Augustinian community.

Members: Derek Lattmann, Joe D'Antonio, Jake Galgano, Carlos Garriga

Student Life Advisory Committee

Chair Caeli Janacek, College of Nursing Senator

The Student Life Advisory Committee shall work with the Division of Student Life and the Office of Student Involvement on ways to improve the student organization experience, formal management, and funding for Student Organizations.


Members: Caeli Janacek, Grace Pawelczyk, Jose Garcia, Lydia Becker, Tyler Schieda

Intellectual Climate Committee

Chair Brett Walsh, College of Engineering Senator

The Intellectual Climate Committee shall analyze and evaluate the campus academic life as it pertains to the undergraduate student population; making recommendations to the University Provost, Academic Deans, and administrators involved in academic affairs.

Members: Brett Walsh, Rachel Le, Stephanie Frank, Becca Stevens, Maggie Emamzadeh, Olivia Snakard

Campus Climate Committee

Chair Katelyn Dellinger, Class of 2021 Senator

The Campus Climate Committee shall analyze and evaluate the campus climate, making recommendations to  campus leadership, and advocate for action to address campus climate issues that leave students feeling marginalized; to promote the identification and sharing of best practices that promote equity and inclusion.

Members: Katelyn Dellinger, Steven Guachichullca, Austin Lin, Austin Glass, Chase Boss, Jisette Baquet


Katelyn Dellinger 
Chair of
Campus Climate

Class of 2021 Senator

James Dunbar
 Dean of the Senate

Class of 2022 Senator

Chase Boss

Class of 2023 Senator

Austin Lin

Class of 2021 Senator

Lucy Baxter
Speaker of the Senate

Class of 2022 Senator

Jisette Baquet

Class of 2023 Senator

Olivia Snakard

Class of 2021 Senator

Austin Glass

Class of 2022 Senator

Jose Garcia

Class of 2023 Senator

Class Senators


Student Life Senators

Joe D'Antonio

Athletics Senator

Disability Services Senator

Lydia Becker

Interhall Council Senator

Becca Stevens

Music Activities Senator

Jake Galgano

Campus Ministry Senator

Derek Lattman
 Chair of Mission and Social Justice

Health Promotion Senator

Multicultural Greek Council Senator


Panhellenic Senator

Grace Pawelcyzk

Campus Programs Senator

Griffin Wyckoff

Interfraternal Council Senator


Multicultural Student Union Senator

Stephen Guachichullca

VU Pride Senator

School Senators

Maggie Emamzadeh

Arts Senator

Stephanie Frank

VSB Senator

Brett Walsh
Chair of Intellectual Climate

Engineering Senator

Tyler Schieda

Arts Senator

Rachel Le

VSB Senator

Carlos Garriga

Sciences Senator

Caeli Janacek
Chair of Student Life Advisory

Nursing Senator

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