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SGA Projects 2018-2019

Volunteered at Radnor Township’s Annual Radnor Run in October


Hosted Open Student Forum on Nov. 27 for students to voice their concerns to SGA


Hosted Pizza With the Provost on November 28 and again on March 20 to facilitate conversation between Provost Maggitti and the student body


Hosted Feast with the Friars on December 4 and again on March 22 where students and the friars on campus enjoyed a meal and great conversations


Participated in Police Ride-Alongs with Radnor Police Department in December and January


Extended hours for study spaces in the Spit and Cafe Nova during finals week


Attended meetings on the yearly budget, strategic planning, and Board of Trustees


First ever Multicultural Leadership Gathering with Father Peter and Provost Maggitti


Added more suggestion boxes on campus in Donahue Hall, Dougherty Hall, Holy Grounds Falvey, and the Connelly Center


Standardized King of Prussia shuttle to arrive on time


Leadership Summit with Villanova Administrators and SGA on January 26


Hosted Town Hall with Father Peter and the student body on February 26


Met with the head of Dining Services to suggest improvements to the dining halls and food options


Passed legislation that provides funding for all Student Body President and Vice President campaigns


Co-hosted the Radnor EGGstravaganza with Radnor Township in April


Hosted Leadership Roundtable event on April 9 for student leaders on campus


Hosted Staff Appreciation Event in the West Lounge on April 11


Held first annual Donuts with Dean Tom Demarco on April 11


Hosted Community Forum on the CATS on April 15 in response to opinion piece posted in the Wall Street Journal


Tasks in progress


Revising the Student Bill of Rights through the SGA Judicial Branch


Working to extend or adjust the add/drop period for classes


Working on improving the student organization budget process


SGA is working to become more connected with other organizations on campus and supporting their programs.


Add power strips with outlets along the wall outside Freshens

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